Battery JAPAN 2023 “Koura” by Orbia




デザインディレクション _     Designcafe 平澤 太
 _         Designcafe 野村 茜
グラフィックデザイン _      Mexichem Design 
プロダクトディレクション_     EXTRADREI 山中亮介
プロダクション _         Designcafe / EXSTRADREI
プロデュース _          Koura 
クライアント _             Koura / Mexichem JAPAN
撮影 _                 小渕喜幸
カテゴリー _ VI開発、展示会ブースデザイン・イベント

Launch booth for multinational company’s brand appeal.

Among the multinational Orbia companies, Mexichem is the world’s largest producer of fluorite and hydrofluoric acid, and is developing its business by utilising its integrated production resources, from fluorite to refrigerants. The exhibition booth was designed for the first domestic brand launch of Koura, the brand channel and sales channel of Mexichem. The key visuals and infographics were designed in Mexico, while the artwork and design direction was carried out from the standpoint of the booth design and exhibition planner, in order to promote the development of the channel under the Koura umbrella.

Given the purpose of the launch booth, there was no product display, but rather an infographic focusing on the business portfolio and key visuals typical of a Mexican multinational company. The aim was to create a simple, compact lounge and stand.

Design direction _ Designcafe Futoshi Hirasawa
Booth design _ Designcafe Akane Nomura
Graphic design _ Mexichem Design 
Product direction _ EXTRADREI Ryosuke Yamanaka
Production _ Designcafe / EXSTRADREI
Produced by _ Koura 
Client _ Koura / Mexichem JAPAN
Photography _ Yoshiyuki Obuchi
Category _ VI development, exhibition booth design and events