デザインディレクション _     Designcafe 平澤 太
 _         Designcafe 野村 茜
グラフィックデザイン _      トダカエリコ
プロダクトディレクション_     EXTRADREI 山中亮介
プロダクション _         Designcafe / EXSTRADREI
プロデュース _          ぎょうせい
クライアント _             ぎょうせい
撮影 _                 小渕喜幸
カテゴリー _ 展示会ブースデザイン・イベント

Effective promotion of integrated Saas for local governments

Exhibition booth design for Gyosei, which invented Japan’s first book of indexed laws and regulations, and provides integrated legal Saas for local governments, focusing on the publication of books and magazines related to laws, regulations, case law, local government and legislation. In view of the booth size (W12m x D3m x H2.7m), a booth design with a simple structure was developed so that the entire content and services offered could be understood at a glance. The entire booth was divided by a corporate green line border and floor line to concentrate attention on the content graphics, and the 130th anniversary typography was inlaid on the floor to create an impression.

Design direction _ Designcafe Futoshi Hirasawa
Booth design _ Designcafe Akane Nomura
Graphic design _ Eriko Todaka
Product direction _ EXTRADREI Ryosuke Yamanaka
Production _ Designcafe / EXSTRADREI
Produced by _ GYOSEI-Corp
Client _ GYOSEI-Corp
Category _ VI development, exhibition booth design and events