展示会ブースデザイン _        maroom by Designcafe 佐久間理恵
プロデュース _          threelignt 山中健策、栗原瑞栄
プロダクション_          threelignt 中川貴夫
クライアント _            OSP 大阪シーリング印刷
ブース撮影 _           小渕喜幸
カテゴリー _  展示会ブースデザイン・イベントブース・展示会装飾・トレードショー
ロケーション _ 東京ビックサイト

Going back to basics and experiencing the appeal of OSP’s labeller machines in real and virtual life.

Design of the exhibition stand of Osaka Sealing Printing Corporation (OSP) at JAPANPACK 2022, a comprehensive trade fair for packaging equipment. The appeal of OSP’s labeller machines, which are used in various distribution and food factory sites, and its one-stop service, which provides one-stop seal printing from design to print delivery, was thoroughly promoted from the starting point, with video and demonstrations using actual equipment. In addition, a new SDGs corner was set up to showcase recent initiatives for the environment and sustainability.

Booth design _ maroom by Designcafe SAKUMA Rie
Produced by _ threelignt YAMANAKA Kensaku, KURIHARA Mizue
Production_ threelignt NAKAGAWA Takao
Client _ OSP Osaka Sealing Printing
Booth photography _ OBUCHI Yoshiyuki
Category _ Exhibition booth design, event booths, exhibition decoration, trade shows
Location _ Tokyo Big Sight


JAPAN PACK 2022 / ジャパンパック 大阪シーリング印刷ブース