IT-week 2023 fall “Heartland.Data”




デザインディレクション _     Designcafe 平澤 太
 _         Designcafe 野村 茜
グラフィックデザイン _      White Space 望月ミサ
プロダクトディレクション_     EXTRADREI 山中亮介
プロダクション _         Designcafe / EXSTRADREI
プロデュース _          Heartland Data 中津康博
クライアント _             Heartland Data
撮影 _                 木村昂貴
カテゴリー _ VI開発、展示会ブースデザイン・イベント

Test tools for software engineers in different scenarios

The exhibition booth design for IT-Week 2023 Autumn by Heartland Data, the industry leader in dynamic testing tools for IoT devices and embedded software, will feature the DT+, which was reborn in 2020 as the successor to the DT10 series, as well as the AUTOmeal, launched as a test automation platform for embedded development. The booth was designed to appeal to software engineers with the AUTOmeal platform, which was launched as the successor to the DT10 series for test automation for embedded development.

As in previous years, the booth design was rethought from the size of the booth to make it more compact, while at the same time proposing an environment in which the products could be displayed in an easy-to-see coaxial parallel to the traffic corridors. The booth design also featured DT green as the key colour for the booth as a whole, while also blending AUTOmeal colours and linking the booth design with the hand-out tools.

Design direction _ Designcafe Futoshi Hirasawa
Booth design _ Designcafe Akane Nomura
Graphic design _ White Space Mochizuki Misa
Product direction _ EXTRADREI Ryosuke Yamanaka
Production _ Designcafe / EXSTRADREI
Produced by _ Heartland Data Yasuhiro Nakatsu
Client _ Heartland Data
Category _ VI development, exhibition booth design and events