Interpets 2024 “ITOCO”


世界50 ヶ国以上で販売されている大手高級ペットフード専門メーカーであるイトウアンドカンパニーリミテッド “ITOCO”Interpets 2024 出展ブースデザイン。製品訴求のみならず、ペットも同伴可能なイベント特性を鑑み、ペットファーストの空間と試食→プロモーション価格で提供することで商品のファンになって頂くことを最優先にブースプランニングとデザインを行った。


プランニングディレクション _ Designcafe 平澤 太
ブースデザイン _Designcafe 野村 茜
グラフィックデザイン _ ITOCO
プロダクトディレクション_ EXTRADREI 山中亮介
プロダクション _ Designcafe / EXTRADREI
クライアント _ ITOCO
撮影 _ 木村昂貴
カテゴリー _ 展示会ブースデザイン・イベントブース・展示会装飾・トレードショー
ロケーション _ 東京ビッグサイト

In view of the event characteristics, which also allow pets to accompany the event, a ‘fun to search’ is planned.

Booth design for the Interpets 2024 exhibition of Ito & Company Limited “ITOCO”, a leading manufacturer specialising in premium pet food sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. The booth planning and design prioritised not only the appeal of the products, but also the fact that pets were allowed to bring their own pets to the event, and that a pet-first space and tastings would be offered at a promotional price to encourage people to become fans of the products.

A welcome stand with digital signage was deployed at the entrance to promote the new products. The products handled were categorised according to the colour scheme of the brand between the company’s own products and products handled overseas, and round table-type display fixtures were scattered around the booth to enhance the circulation of visitors. The bracket signage, combined with the appeal of product attributes and prices, is designed to create the ‘fun of searching’ as visitors move around the store.

Planning direction _ Designcafe Futoshi Hirasawa
Booth design _ Designcafe Akane Nomura
Graphic design _ ITOCO
Product direction _ EXTRADREI Ryosuke Yamanaka
Production _ Designcafe / EXTRADREI
Client _ ITOCO
Photography _ Koki Kimura
Category _ Exhibition booth design, event booths, exhibition decoration, trade shows
Location _ Tokyo Big Sight